A question of security

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A question of securityIn the wake of the recent record-breaking Yahoo security breach, questions are being asked about whether security questions – such as the user’s birthplace or the name of a first pet – are still viable. Once this information is in the hands of hackers, it can have the unfortunate side effect of giving them even greater access to a user’s account.

As an alternative, experts are suggesting the use of a random string of characters, U2F (Universal 2nd Factor – an open, secure, private, easy-to-use authentication standard), Google Prompts or even a low-tech letter through the post containing a secret code name. Alternatively, users could invent a false answer that doesn’t tally with, for instance, information on their Facebook page – finally giving us a valid reason for lying about one’s age.

Read more at https://www.wired.com/2016/09/time-kill-security-questions-answer-lies/