Adele fans notice site bug when purchasing tickets

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Adele fans notice site bug when purchasing ticketsSince singer and songwriter Adele announced her new and long-awaited tour for 2016, her first since 2011, fans have been clamouring to purchase tickets. But some have told the BBC that they were able to see the addresses and credit card details of other customers as they made their purchase when clicking through to the payment screen on the singer’s site,, where advance tickets have been made available to site members.

The ticket sales are actually being run by a company called Songkick who attributed the issue to site overload and denied that there had been any security breach of personal data. Songkick maintained that although other customer data was visible, it was not possible to access personal passwords or credit card details.

Industry experts have maintained that this lapse should not occur even if a site is very busy and the suggestion has been made that the website coding was written incorrectly. Customers who have successfully made a purchase are advised to keep a close eye on their accounts going forward.

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