Anonymous and Operation Icarus

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Anonymous and Operation IcarusEarlier this month, infamous hacking collective Anonymous published a video threatening a sustained 30-day onslaught on global financial institutions, naming the operation Icarus. As always, YouTube served as the platform for the announcement, which singled out the likes of MasterCard, PayPal, Visa and NASDAQ as targets of the imminent attack. Anonymous seem to have already commenced with initial stages of their operation as they claimed responsibility for a recent DDoS attack on the Greek Central Bank.

As with much of the group’s activity, the stated aim of Operation Icarus is to highlight corruption and inequity within the global financial system. By interrupting essential processes and incurring commercial loss for the institutions involved, Anonymous are delivering retribution for what they deem hubristic behaviour – like Icarus, who flew to too close to the sun. Whatever the outcome and however successful the hacking group will be in their goal, at the very least they’ve proven a penchant for ancient literature.

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