Anonymous publishes list of KKK supporters

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Anonymous publishes list of KKK supportersWell-known hacker collective Anonymous has released details of hundreds of alleged Ku Klux Klan supporters in an apparent bid to counter racial violence and in response to a recent threat of action by Klan members. This is the second such publication of members’ details, the first one appearing not to be genuine and was roundly denounced by Anonymous on their Twitter account.

The most recent list is somewhat tenuous as it contains the names of those who have “liked” KKK style groups on Facebook or joined them and not necessarily paid-up members, although Anonymous maintain that the list is authentic and well-researched.

Some feel that the information is nothing new and for most who appear on the list, their sympathies are already public knowledge. The data was released on November 5th, also a day of public protests for Anonymous; this is a significant date for the group as they use masks of Guy Fawkes as their symbol.

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