Apple chip supplier halted by virus

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Microprocessors and other electronics on circuit boardThe world’s largest supplier of semiconductors and microprocessors has lost a whole day’s production due to a virus that has infected its computer system.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) estimates the cost of lost production will be around $250 million, but expects to make up the shortfall during the fourth quarter.

TSMC supplies all of Apple’s System on a Chip (SoC) components for its iPads and iPhones and also works closely with US chip maker Qualcomm. The company claims that the infection is not the work of hackers, instead attributing it to software for new equipment that was not checked for viruses. It also stressed that the virus did not affect the primary computer systems that store production and customer data, and that no confidential information was compromised.

TSMC has alerted all of its customers. It is not yet clear whether this incident will delay the introduction of Apple’s 2018 iPhone models.