Apple, FBI and Congress

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Apple, FBI and CongressIt may ultimately fall to Congress to resolve the long running dispute between the FBI and the company Apple who are fighting over whether Apple’s encryption should remain inviolate. Apple is refusing the FBI access to its encryption software arguing that the implications for cybersecurity at large are immense. The argument goes that the software which allows a route to circumvent the security technology is going to have much broader implications as other agencies may follow suit with similar requests.

The FBI has begun to adopt a more conciliatory tone about this but remain adamant they have a right to access the data requested. However, experts argue that if Apple agrees to this request from the FBI or are compelled to comply with it, there will ultimately be security implications for all Apple users and customers of other service and technology providers.

Some commentators have already stated that there are other routes the FBI can use to access the required data and they may in fact have already done this in the past; this point is pivotal if the FBI wants to try and succeed through the courts. Apple maintains that the decision between the two organisations should lie with Congress as a democratically elected body representing the people of the US rather than with the courts, who would be basing their decision on older legislation not fit for purpose. Whatever the outcome, this legal struggle between two veritable giants will have consequences felt throughout the cybersecurity industry.

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