Apple users warned of security flaw

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Mac Flashback trojan infecting 600,000 computersUsers of Apple’s OS X operating system have been told to take care when browsing online as the company await a solution for a security flaw. According to researchers the security flaw had existed for months but no-one had reported it publicly. It is feared that hackers may now be trying to take advantage of the flaw whilst users wait for the problem to be fixed.

A software update was released last week to owners of iPhones, iPads and iPods to protect users from “an attacker” who may “capture or modify data”. It was later discovered that the problem also existed on Apple laptops and desktop computers running OS X.

The problem was first spotted on Apple’s mobile devices which run the iOS 7 operating system. It relates to the way secure connections are made between Apple’s safari browser and websites, including banking sites, Google and Facebook.

These sites have digital security certificates that allow an encrypted connection to be established between a user’s computer and the website. This means any data that is sent over the connection should be secure.

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