Asia is ransomware central

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Ransomware circuit board with hand stop symbol cpuMicrosoft’s latest biannual Security Intelligence Report reveals that ransomware is now the most profitable form of cybercrime, and that Asia is the part of the world that suffers the most ransomware attacks. The top three victims were Myanmar, Bangladesh and Venezuela; with Japan, Finland and USA amongst the least affected.

While NotPetya, WannaCry and Bad Rabbit were the 2017 ransomware attacks that captured the headlines, the most pervasive was the Lockscreen strain; a screenlocker that first emerged on Android devices and spread to Microsoft’s Windows systems.

As well as its ransomware analysis, the SIR looks at the repercussions from the successful destruction of the Andromeda botnet and also the phishing hackers who are preying on insecure cloud apps by launching their nefarious activities from legitimate platforms.