Attackers use fake screenshots for extortion

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Blue screen of death error pop up The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is the nightmare of any Windows user. What joyous announcement, then, that the next time you see it, you may ‘just’ be getting spammed. It goes like this: up pops the BSOD, accompanied by some irritating beeping, followed by a Windows Troubleshooter pop-up offering to rectify matters for you. The next step will be to tell you the problem can’t be resolved, followed by a message that all can be rectified by simply buying a repair tool via PayPayl for the sensible price of $25.

A more sinister element in this scam is the attacker’s ability to replicate and upload a facsimile of the user’s active screen, which could potentially provide an opportunity for identity theft or blackmail and allow them to spot and evade security researchers. All this, of course, depends on what you were doing on your computer when the malware decided to kick in and run the hoax. In any case, it’s an elaborate and obnoxious hack, though happily one that can be circumventer quite easily. Full instructions can be found in the Bleeping Computer article, lined below.