Barclay’s bank customer data stolen and sold to brokers

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Yellow folder and lock. Data security concept. 3D isolatedOn Sunday 9th February UK bank, Barclays, reported that it was reviewing up to 2,000 files of customer data that was handed to them by the Mail on Sunday newspaper. The newspaper said in an article that it was given the files by a person it described as a ‘whistle blower’, who alleged that information detailing many as 27,000 people was stolen. It didn’t identify the person who provided the information.

The article alleged that the brokers – who have not been identified – used the records, which allegedly included passport and national insurance numbers, to pitch financial products to Barclays’ clients. A spokesman for Barclays said that the files it received from the newspaper were mainly from 2008 and relate to clients who contacted the bank’s financial-planning division for advice. The financial-planning division was closed down in 2011, after rules took effect banning banks from giving certain types of financial advice free of charge.

A spokesman said Barclays contacted U.K. regulators as soon as it received details of the alleged data leak.

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