Barclays now the ‘listening’ bank

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Barclays is now the listening bank

Barclays bank is leading the way in introducing voice recognition as a form of ID. The technology recognises a customer’s unique formation of words, cancelling the need for security questions or passwords. The bank assures its customers that the system is foolproof – it will still be able to distinguish between voices even if the customer has a cold, sore throat or sex change.

The technology, which has been undergoing trials over the past three years, has applications beyond personal banking, particularly with improving quality of life for the disabled. Voices are just as unique as fingerprints, so even Rory Bremner and Jon Culshaw (British impressionists and comedians, for the uninitiated) will be unable to circumvent the new system. Other banks are now poised to follow suit with HSBC, First Bank and Atom Bank announcing their own respective schemes.

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