Botnets assemble

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Botnets assembleA powerful and aggressive global army is on the march, and it isn’t Islamic State or North Korean or Russian – at least not specifically. It’s an army of botnets. According to cybersecurity specialist Symantec’s latest botnet tracker, the worldwide botnet army was swelled by 6.7million new bots during 2016.

Botnets consist of a network of private computers, smartphones or IOT devices infected with malicious software and controlled by a group of hackers without the owner’s knowledge; with the intention of launching spam, malware, and DDoS attacks. Nearly 14m people in the UK suffered cyberattacks in the last twelve months – many of them employed botnets.

Devices slowing down or crashing and unexpected messages or pop ups are all possible indicators of a botnet attack. As always, it’s wise to download security updates and avoid dodgy links.