Ever more Brits hit by Equifax breach

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Cyber attack data breach successIt now appears that the massive Equifax data breach in early summer this year has had an even greater impact on its British customers than at first thought.

The U.S. based credit rating giant holds data on over 800 million consumers and 90 million businesses around the world. Despite initially playing down the extent of the attack, Equifax now estimates that over 15 million records in the UK were exposed and nearly 700,00 customers have had their email addresses, passwords, driving licence and phone numbers compromised.

Equifax is offering all those affected the use of its identity protection service and urging them to be on their guard against anyone using its name to ask for personal details or money. The National Cyber Security Centre is advising all Equifax’s UK clients to change their passwords.

Read more at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/10/10/equifax-hackers-targeted-152-million-uk-records/