Butlins falls victim to phishing attack

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Butlins falls victim to phishing attackBritish family holiday firm Butlins has said that up to 34,000 of its guest records may have been stolen by hackers. The information included names, addresses, arrival dates for holidays, and contact details. Butlins does not believe that any financial information was accessed, however.

It is believed that the information was obtained through a phishing attack, a method of using deceptive websites and emails to steal personal information. The attackers encourage unaware victims to hand over passwords or download corrupt files, for example, putting the whole system in danger.

It’s a type of attack caused by “human error” and is on the rise. Our own claims data indicates that human error related events make up the majority of claims by frequency, accounting for an astounding 75% of claims activity.

Butlins has said that they are already working to improve a number of security processes. They also have a dedicated team and web page set up to assist guests who may have been affected.

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