Canadian telecom company suffers data breach

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Canadian telecom company suffers data breachCanada’s largest telecoms company, Bell Canada, has suffered a major hack which has resulted in the theft of the personal details of 2m account holders – 10% of its customer base. The communications giant was quick to reassure its customers that no payment card numbers or passwords appear to have been taken.

This incursion is not thought to have any connection with the recent WannaCry global malware attack. Bell Canada does have some previous form – in 2015 it was investigated for compromising customer privacy through the unauthorised use of tracking tools.

While this case is a typical one in that it involves a hack which stole customer data, it is important to note that data breaches should not be the sole concern of companies. Many hack attacks result in business interruption, for instance – a big worry for many businesses.

Be that as it may, the Privacy Commissioner’s Office and Canadian police, mounted or otherwise, are on the case.