CCTV cameras being hijacked for DDoS attacks

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CCTV cameras being hijacked for DDoS attacksSecurity industry experts have identified malware that is being used to corrupt CCTV cameras. The malware transforms the cameras into botnets which are then used as a medium to run Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. CCTV cameras are easy targets as the majority are connected wirelessly and, much of the time, default passwords aren’t changed when the devices are installed.

The purpose of these acts is essentially to disrupt online services with the cameras merely acting as a host for the botnet. Location seems to be irrelevant but what appears to be central to the installation of the malware is that the camera is running on Linux and also uses BusyBox. Hundreds of compromised cameras from all over the world are then grouped together and used collectively to flood a chosen target.

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