Charities a target for cyberattack

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Stealing personal data through a laptop conceptThe Third Sector has come under fire in a number of ways recently, and it now transpires that 20% of charities have suffered a cyberattack within the last twelve months. Larger charities with an income over half a million pounds are the prime targets – losing on average nearly £1500 per breach.

The main threat is through bogus emails aimed at eliciting financial information or login details. Malware, viruses and identity theft also feature. Alarmingly, only just over 20% of charities have any sort of credible cyber security in place; in contrast, over 50% see it as a major priority. The charity sector continues to lag behind commercial businesses in both these areas.

The National Cyber Security Centre and the Information Commissioner’s Office are offering free help and guidance to organisations. This can help charities significantly lower their chances of falling victim to cyberattacks by using basic cybersecurity steps and removing basic weaknesses. With GDPR coming into force this month, it is extremely important that organisations make cybersecurity a priority.