Cisco & McAffee aim to stamp out human error

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Cisco & McAffee aim to stamp out human errorHuman nature dictates that, if we see something we know we shouldn’t touch, we nevertheless feel an overwhelming urge to do it anyway – fire alarms, wet paint, the link to a dodgy attachment. To save us from ourselves, networking giant Cisco is coupling McAfee’s Advanced Threat Defence (ATD) to its own Email Security Appliances (ESA) to create an integrated security solution.

If an email pops up with a suspicious-looking attachment, ESA will dispatch the message to ATD – which will then scan it for a recognised signature and, if it fails the test, plunge it into a sandbox security mechanism to neutralise it. This will hopefully shoot down even the most heavily disguised malware, without relying on the user resisting the temptation to click where angels fear to tread.

Cisco is also forging closer links with other leading security system specialists, such as Algosec, Tuffin, Verodin, cPacket and CSPi.

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