Claims of fraud brought against online dating company

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Claims of fraud brought against Canadian online dating companyWe all know that people embellish or neglect certain facts about themselves in the online dating arena. But completely fictional people with completely made-up profiles? That might be crossing the line. A group of plaintiffs who brought claims for fraud, amongst others, against a Canadian online dating website think so.

The group argued that even though the site acknowledged in its disclaimer that "some" of the profiles were fictional, in fact almost none of the profiles on the site were genuine and that the company deliberately created a false impression that the site was a legitimate dating service.

While arguably the disclaimer on the site would lead many people to realise that this wasn’t your typical dating site, it does raise questions as to what exactly the role of "the fine print" is. Is it valid if it isn’t as prominent as a wealth of more visable, contradictory messages? This judge thinks not…

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