Cloudflare leak affects millions of websites

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Cloudflare leak affects millions of websitesThe bad news is that millions of websites using security and web optimisation platform Cloudflare have recently suffered a data leak. Amongst those affected by the security vulnerability nicknamed Cloudbleed are Uber, Fitbit and dating site OkCupid. More than 5 million sites currently utilise Cloudfare, meaning the security hiccup could affect, well, many millions of people.

But you know what they say – every cloud has a silver lining. In this case, it’s the ease with which users can check whether their data was affected. The easiest way to find out which sites are affected is to visit the conveniently-named, then head on over to to check whether your email is available on the dark net.

The safest way to protect said data is – you guessed it – to change passwords immediately. It’s also generally worth setting up a password manager to generate and keep track of a portfolio of strong passwords. Though that comes with a bit of a caveat, as our other story of the week illustrates. The other recommended piece of security best practice is to adopt two-factor authentication for every account.