Coffee with a dash of insecure WiFi, please

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Coffee with a dash of insecure WiFi, pleaseSenior management’s use of free WiFi in coffee shops, airports and exhibition centres is becoming a major security hazard – according to the latest iPass Mobile Security Report stats gleaned from 500 companies in the UK, USA, France and Germany. The survey also reveals that British businesses take the most laid-back approach to WiFi security on the hoof.

At a time when organisations are upping their in-house cybersecurity, increasingly mobile and ever-connected personnel provide an attractive and easy target for hackers.

And it’s easy to see why: the free WiFi at your local caff has no password (or maybe it’s ‘cafe1’…), meaning guests can easily access the network – but so can everyone else.

Nevertheless, iPass advises against putting restrictions on staff’s use of mobile technology – instead recommending that businesses give their employees the tools and knowledge to work online remotely securely.