Credit card hackers hit Neiman Marcus

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chinasufferslargestevercyberhackattackAccording to independent security researcher Brian Krebs US department store Neiman Marcus confirmed that its database of customers was hacked last month.

The Neiman Marcus breach occurred around mid-December, the same time as the Target attack which has seen up to 110 million customers affected. Another similarity to the Target attack is that online Neiman Marcus shoppers do not appear to be affected so far, only retail shoppers. So far, the cases do not appear to be linked.

Ginger Reeder, a spokesperson for Dallas-based Neiman Marcus, has revealed that details on the hack are sparse. The cause, size, and duration of the attack are currently unknown, pending the completion of a third-party forensics investigation. The company is also working with the Secret Service, as is customary in these attacks.

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