Cybersecurity information exchanges on the rise

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Cybersecurity information exchanges on the riseIT experts are increasingly pooling their resources, exchanging information about cyber security breaches. A recent report from the Ponemon Institute has discovered that IT professionals are swapping details about security attacks, an increasing problem within both the private and public sectors. This is a developing trend in the industry in an effort to combat the rising tide of attacks, although reliance is still placed on IT security vendors.

The report went on to detail the usefulness of sharing intelligence. Although there is a natural reticence about the authenticity of information received and also the potential liability of information disclosed, not to mention the constraints of timescales, the vast majority of respondents said that the information provided could have helped them when their companies were breached.

The US Government is currently debating the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which tackles this precise issue, in the House of Representatives. It has already passed the US Senate.

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