Data protection reforms delayed until 2015

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Yellow folder and lock. Data security concept. 3D isolatedNew EU data protection rules and a new cyber security framework are to be verified by the beginning of 2015 despite many believing the reforms would be finalised by May next year, in time for the European Parliamentary elections. However, data protection experts have commented on the decision to delay the reform until 2015 stating that it will give law makers enough time to ensure the new data protection regime is correct.

According to reports, UK Prime Minister David Cameron wanted to delay the reforms and was reluctant to agree on a set deadline. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after the meeting: “The UK wanted to delay the [General Data Protection Regulations] because they feel that it may harm the interests of business” by creating more costs. She continued to explain that “Germany had reservations on not moving too quickly to ensure that it can reconcile the existing rights of its citizens.”

At the moment the EU Data Protection Directive is applied slightly differently across each of the 28 EU member states. The Commission sought to impose uniformity across the rules and bring them up to date for the digital era in outlining its plans for new regulations.

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