Deputy US Attorney General proposes open door policy

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Deputy US Attorney General proposes open door policyMany a classic Western has at its core the basic premise of bad-ish guy ridding a town of even graver threats – turning into a redeemed hero in the process. It should be the same in the world of cybersecurity, according to Rod Rosenstein, number two at the US Justice Department. In his view organisations should welcome White Hat researchers and bug bounty hunters with open arms – and plenty of bounty.

More controversially, he also suggested that backdoors should be installed to ensure that crime busters can gain easy access to everyone’s system. While he acknowledges that encryption is desirable, he argues that tech companies have shifted the constitutional balance in favour of privacy and away from law enforcement.

It sounds like a bit of a paradox – allowing hackers to identify vulnerabilities while possibly enabling malicious actors to gain access to the very systems the process is meant to protect. Yet in today’s world of constantly evolving cyber threats and woefully ill-equipped company networks, it may be the only way to ensure a modicum of security…