Did Russia use doctor’s computer to destroy Syrian hospital?

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Aircraft computer, target locked, ready to fireIt looks likely that Russian warplanes used co-ordinates from a British surgeon’s computer to destroy a Syrian hospital.

Mr David Nott OBE, known as the ‘Indiana Jones of Surgery’, has personally performed many lifesaving operations on Syrian casualties. In this instance, he was using Skype and WhatsApp remotely from London to oversee an operation and relay vital technical advice to local doctors – a medical first. Soon after, the operating theatre at the underground hospital in Aleppo was terminally blitzed by Russian bunker busting missiles.

Mr Nott’s computer may have been hacked during a broadcast of the medical procedure on the BBC’s Newsnight programme. This development appears to be yet another example of Russian use of hacking to further its international agenda, putting external medical intervention in war zones in even greater jeopardy.

Read more at https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/20/british-surgeon-helped-syrian-operations-hacked-reveal-secret/