Easy-to-use ransomware packages now for sale on dark web

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Easy-to-use Ransomware packages now for sale on dark webCyber thieves are turning entrepreneurs and are now selling ransomware packages on the dark web. Ransomware is a type of malware which, once installed on a machine, encrypts all the data making it unusable until a ransom is paid and the encryption is removed. One of the common packages for sale is Ransom32, which is written in common codes such as HTML and Javascript; this is believed to be a first for such a virus.

As well as selling the malware, the cyber thieves also take a commission of 25% on any ransom collected by the purchaser of the package. Remarkably, Ransom32 even comes with some basic tips to maximise successful heists and the collection of ransom money.

Industry experts advise that the best and most reliable way to protect against ransomware attacks is to always have data backed up, with a system in place to ensure that this is performed very regularly. And the usual advice still holds true when guarding against malware; never open any unsolicited emails or click on links when you are unsure of the source.

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