Employees paying out for ransomware

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 Skull and key ransomware alert Ransomware is not only spreading like an infectious disease, but it is also having a psychological effect on its victims. A new survey reveals that nearly 60% of company employees are so panicked by becoming victims of a ransomware attack that they pay the ransom demand themselves – rather than risking the wrath of their employer. The average pay out was around $1,400.

This suggests that employees are driven by shame and embarrassment into keeping their ransomware attack a secret despite the fact that many companies carry cyber insurance these days, which often covers the cost of a ransom. Additionally, a fifth of ransomware extortionists don’t release the locked data even after the ransom has been paid, making employees paying themselves a doubly bad tactic.

The report also suggests that nearly three quarters of staff have received some training in cyber security and have some awareness of ransomware – which looks poised to overtake hardware failure as the most likely cause of data loss. While most staff reckon they can spot a phishing attack, at least a quarter of them have been caught by one – including some IT specialists.

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