Encryption good for business, bad for law enforcement

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Encryption good for business, bad for law enforcementAlthough businesses and individuals are often encouraged to improve their cyber security through encryption, Europol’s Rob Wainwright recently warned that increasingly sophisticated encryption software is having a tangible effect on fighting crime.

The BBC reports that Wainwright has said that tech firms should consider the impact of their encryption software on law enforcement and particularly talks about encrypted messages, which are being used increasingly for criminal and terrorist activity. Police who come across these messages are often unable to access them at all or do so with great difficulty.

A spokesman for TechUK, the UK’s technology trade association, responded to Wainright by saying that the security of financial transactions and personal details fundamentally underpins the UK economy, but that a joint effort and pooling resources between security agencies and technology companies could better ensure both economic security and national security.

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