Europol busts major DDoS website

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Hacker in handcuffs An international crime-fighting coalition has cracked the team behind the Webstresser DDoS attacks on seven leading British banks in November 2017. The operation, led by Britain’s National Crime Agency and the Dutch police force and spanning eleven countries, has closed down the rogue website – which was making DDoS kits at £10 each available to its 136,000 registered users.

The law enforcement agencies, working closely with Europol’s EC3 and J-Cat teams, servers have been seized in Germany, the Netherlands and the US and made arrests in the UK, Serbia and Canada.

Launched in 2015, was the world’s largest illegal DDoS supplier and is believed to be behind four million cyberattacks internationally. DDoS is increasingly popular with hackers, due to its low cost and ease of use – so this is a welcome example of international cooperation in the escalating struggle against cybercrime.