Even Switzerland isn’t safe

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Even Switzerland isn't safe*gasp* Posterchild of everything, including reliable railway systems and state regulation, Switzerland, has become the latest victim of a cyber attack. Hackers have recently targeted the websites of the Swiss Federal Railways and the Swiss People’s Party. Apparently, over fifty thousand email addresses were stolen from the latter. Private organisations were also targeted and some essential infrastructure, including the Swiss IT and telephone systems.

The perpetrators behind this wide ranging attack remain unidentified as does the motive, although responsibility has been claimed for the attack on the Swiss railways website and the SVP by a group called NSHC. Their stated motivation seems to be none other than a desire to advertise weaknesses within the current framework. With nothing more sinister than that in mind, perhaps the hackers themselves were Swiss – how very proper and polite of them.

Read the full story at http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/hackers-breach-swiss-political-party-federal-railways-websites-exposing-vulnerabilities-1550907