Ex-employee’s scam backfires

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Ex-employee's scam backfiresNot content with launching an unsophisticated payroll scam on his employers’ computer system, a Californian security officer had another go at them after he had been sacked.

Having stumbled upon the credentials for the company’s payroll system, the officer began logging himself in for unworked hours of overtime. Once this was discovered, he received his marching orders.

Undismayed by this setback, the rogue ex-employee began hacking into the ironically-named Security Specialists computer system from afar – targeting the boss’s emails, server files, accounting software and databases, as well as his old friend the payroll database. He also rudely re-designed the company website and used stolen files to solicit its customers.

The outcome? A fine of over $300K, plus legal fees.

Read more at https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/11/dude_whacked_with_us300k_bill_for_faking_his_hours_hacking_bosss_website/