Exploit broker ups its payout rates for tip offs

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Exploit broker ups its payout rates for tip offsZerodium is an American information security company that buys premium zero-day vulnerabilities from security researchers and then reports the research, along with protective measures and security recommendations, to its corporate and government clients.

As part of its newly-published menu of rewards, Zerodium has recently announced that it will be paying out up to half a million dollars to any white hat hacker or security researcher who unearths a zero-day exploit affecting Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp mobile messaging platforms.

As companies become increasingly anxious about vulnerabilities in their systems, the bounties are becoming larger for an early tip off before a hacker can exploit them. Some of Zerodium’s other payouts include $150k for baseband and media file attacks and $100k for sandbox escapes and code signing bypass. It will also stump up half a rock for LPE bugs and zero day exploits in default email apps – reflecting the recent growth in malware attacks on major operating systems and mobile devices.