Facebook facial recognition function under fire

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Facebook facial recognition function under fireFacebook’s new(ish) tool to help speed up the tedious process of “tagging” photos has recently come under attack by the Hamburg Data Protection Authority (DPA). The facial recognition software is said to be in violation of German and EU privacy laws as it harvests biometric data.

Facebook says that it has done enough to meet their obligations under European Union data protection law by allowing users to “opt-out” of the function, which is switched on by default.

Although few users have complained about the technology, a lot of the opposition seems to stem from Facebook’s not announcing the launch of the new function in Europe. The UK’s Information Commissioner said that users should be told about such changes so that they can make an informed decision as to whether they want to use the function or not. But unlike Hamburg’s DPA, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office will not be asking Facebook to pull the software.

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