Facebook Messenger’s vulnerability

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Facebook Messenger's vulnerabilityDue to a security flaw in Facebook Messenger, users’ precious chats, photos, files and links could be altered, deleted and even become infested with malware. Hackers have been shown to be able to exploit this vulnerability in order to identify Facebook Messenger’s unique chat ID numbers, which allows them access to the chats. They can then tamper with the content of the messages before this altered information is sent back to Facebook’s servers and logged just as any other message would be.

Cybersecurity firm Checkpoint identified this threat and has highlighted various ways in which attackers can take advantage of this loophole – to manipulate message histories as part of fraud schemes, tamper with chats to disrupt legal investigations and even exploit it to distribute malware. More than 900 million people currently use Facebook Messenger globally, so this a security flow with considerable potential reach. Time to switch to encrypted messenger apps, perhaps?

Read the full story at http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/facebook-messenger-security-flaw-could-let-hackers-alter-your-chats-spread-malware-1564058