Firefox to launch breach alert

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Red panda, also called firefox, looking at the cameraMozilla engineers are planning to release a new feature in the Firefox web browser which automatically notifies users when they visit a site that has previously been compromised by a data breach. Working in conjunction with the Have I Been Pwned website that allows internet users to check if their email has been napped, the tool is still being worked on and has not yet been published.

Troy Hunt, the Australian security expert behind Have I Been Pwned, is looking at different options on how to integrate the data available on his site with the new tool. What the final version might look like is anyone’s guess, but it’s been suggested that the most useful way to apply this tool is as a reminder for internet users to change their credentials should their information turn out to have been stolen. In any case, it certainly sounds like a great idea and will hopefully succeed in further raising public awareness of data breaches and their consequences – and the security measures available to minimise fallout.