Gamers suffer data breach

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Gamers suffer data breachIf you have have teenage children – or heck, if you like a bit of gaming yourself – you may want to take note. It has been reported that, back in September 2015, an unidentified hacker exposed the account passwords, email and IP addresses of over 2.5m Xbox 360 and PSP gamers.

Gaming forums have become popular targets due to their relatively weak security. It is not unusual for scams or phishing attacks such as this particular one to squeeze as much data out of the unsuspecting user as possible before offering it for sale or simply dumping it online.

Users have been advised to change all of their passwords, as the prevalence of password reuse means that even a relatively benign site can hold data that unlocks more valuable resources – such as email or social media accounts.

This serves as a reminder – do not re-use the same passwords for different sites. It remains one of the largest vulnerabilities facing millions of people online. So let’s say it together: “I will change all my passwords to be different across all the websites/services/devices I use.” Now excuse us while we scuttle away and do some quick.. ahem.. online admin.