GoDaddy suffers possible hack attack

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GoDaddy suffers possible hack attackGoDaddy, the world’s largest internet domain name registrar and web host, saw thousands of its websites go down on Monday most likely due to a hack attack. GoDaddy was quick to get the sites back online and have assured customers that no customer data was compromised.

The BBC reports that there is speculation that the cause of the downtime was a denial-of-service attack on the domain name server (DNS) infrastructure and hacking groups are laying claim to the alleged attack on Twitter. Nevertheless, the cause of the downtime is not yet entirely clear.

Regardless of the cause, some important lessons can be drawn from the incident. Firstly, web hosts everywhere should be thinking seriously about how they can beef up their security and insurance to protect themselves against widespread system downtime. In this instance, GoDaddy was lucky to not have lost any confidential data belonging to itself or its customers. Secondly, businesses who rely on hosting services like GoDaddy should find out what they can do to ensure they don’t end up paying up for their service provider’s security breach.

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