Google late to the encryption party

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Google late to the encryption party‘Allo’ the new messaging service to be launched by Google this summer is to feature an ‘incognito’ setting which will provide total end-to-end encryption. This new system is called ‘Signal’ and will also be available on Google’s new video app, ‘Duo’. Signal encryption will prevent Google from accessing any conversation – and the same goes for hackers and even law enforcement and the judiciary. Now isn’t that neat.

Google has taken its sweet time to offer this type of service whilst encryption has been available for some time on Apple devices and Facebook’s WhatsApp. Industry experts say that Allo does not offer the same level of sophistication as some of its competitors i.e. encryption by default, and, importantly, Gmail and Google Hangout are not covered by Signal. The use of end-to-end encryption is placing the IT industry at loggerheads with state officials and law enforcement, as encryption offers a safe way to communicate for criminals and terrorists. Now Google has entered the fray, although their slightly more diluted approach is perhaps less confrontational than that of other organisations.

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