Google launches malvertising counter attack

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Secure computers In order to prevent its users from being steered onto bogus websites, Google is planning on launching three new Chrome security features in early 2018 – designed to counter the wave of malicious ads infesting its systems.

This kind of malvertising-based URL redirection uses JavaScript code installed in iframes embedded in a webpage to steer unwary users to rogue sites. While the new Chrome 64 security feature, which is due in January next year, won’t scupper all forms of malvertising infestation, it will certainly make life a good deal harder for hackers.

Of the other two Chrome security additions, one will stop attackers using ‘tab-under’ – a technique used by malvertisers to cajole victims into opening links in new tabs, avoiding Chrome’s pop-up blockers. The third new feature, which goes by the name of Abusive Experiences Report, is a blacklist of sites that employ rogue User Interfaces to divert users onto bogus sites.