Google misdiagnoses NHS as botnet

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Google misdiagnoses NHS as botnetAs one of the world’s largest employers with 1.2m staff, the NHS tends to have a lot of people using Google at any one time – clinicians in particular (which in our mind raises another set of questions…). It must have come as a shock, therefore, when Google decided to block them – because its complex security settings designed to prevent malicious use of internet services mistakenly identified the huge volume of Google searches to be the identifier of a botnet cyber attack.

Google is denying that it has blocked the entire NHS network. Though that, perhaps, comes as no surprise as Google’s Deep Mind AI operation has been courting several NHS hospitals for new business opportunities. Oh, the irony.

The NHS IT department is discussing ways in which they can help Google find a cure for the problem. In the meantime they has come up with a simple short-term solution – use Bing instead.