Google products expose more IoT security issues

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ChromecastVulnerabilities in two Google products are prompting fresh concerns over the security of the Internet of Things. It appears that hackers can detect a person’s exact location by exploiting vulnerabilities in Chromecast – Google’s streaming device, and Home – its artificial intelligence speaker. While it’s deemed unlikely that this could be exploited for malicious purposes, it does reveal further weakness in the safety of IoT devices.

Initially, Google’s response to the security tip-off was to do nothing, but it has now pledged to issue a fix. Security researchers recommend that all users should authenticate all requests issued by IoT gadgets, or alternatively keep the information stored on them to a minimum.

The list of IoT security problems is growing. The 2016 Mirai botnet exploited weaknesses in the IoT to initiate a large-scale DDoS attack and Russia has identified IoT connected devices as an easy means of causing disruption. Initiatives to tighten up IoT security are gradually increasing, but more work is needed to repair consumer confidence.