Gordon Ramsay was hacked… by his father-in-law

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Gordon Ramsay was hacked... by his father-in-lawMothers-in-law often receive the bulk of bad press but in the case of irascible celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, it’s his father-in-law who is the villain of the piece.

As the conclusion of a rather public family feud, Chris Hutcheson has been given a six month jail sentence for hacking into the chef’s computer system. At one point chief exec of Ramsay’s business, GRHL, he was fired after accusations of embezzlement and serial philandering.

While that particular case was settled with a £2m payout, Ramsay soon detected a breach in his system and brought in a cyber security expert. Investigations revealed that Hutcheson, aided by his two sons who had previously held IT posts at GRHL, had unlawfully accessed Ramsay’s computer and private email account as many as 2000 times – in the hope of stealing financial data and unearthing scandalous information about the TV star.

The moral of the story? Anyone can be hit by insider hacking. Whether disgruntled employees, fired ex-staff, idealistic contractors or… the in-laws. Having a solid detection system in place along with clear guidelines on incident response and mitigation can be a crucial risk management strategy for businesses of any size.

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