Hack attacks affect British Airways frequent flyers, GitHub and Slack

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Hack attacks affect British Airways frequent flyersCustomers of the British Airways frequent flyer program may have seen their points vanish recently after a cyber attack hit the large airline along with coding site GitHub and work chat service Slack.

The BBC reports that some customers of BA’s Executive Club program started complaining that their points were being stolen several weeks ago. One user, for example, said that a hotel room in Spain was booked using their account, while others were seeing their entire balances wiped out by “ex-gratia” deductions. BA does not believe the attack was widespread or that any other information associated with the accounts was lost, such as travel history or credit card details, and it has asked concerned customers to get in touch.

In a separate incident, Github, a site used by more than 8 million software developers, was involved in a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack when hackers tried to flood the site with traffic. It was found that the attack was particularly focused on bringing down pages that helped China-based users circumvent local censorship controls, although China denies involvement.

And finally, work chat service Slack, recently valued at $2.8bn, announced that it believed hackers had accessed a small number of usernames, email addresses and Skype IDs from its database, but that it was unfeasible that the attackers were able to unscramble the encrypted passwords. It has introduced a new two-step authentication process in response.

Some users of Uber have also complained that their accounts are being used for unauthorised journeys, but Uber has not yet found any sign of a breach.

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