Hacked Alaskan civil servants revert to old technology

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Ransomware concept red skull over grey computer codeA local government department in the state of Alaska has been crippled by a ransomware infestation. The attack encrypted 500 desktop computers and 120 servers; encrypting internal systems, emails and back-up data, and also the door entry and telecoms systems.

While the borough’s antivirus software succeeded in spotting one part of the malware attack, it failed to pick up the other constituents – which perpetrated the bulk of the damage.

As a result of the hack, which may have been lurking in the system for a couple of months, staff have had to revert to using traditional typewriters to keep the wheels of progress moving.  While the chances of recovering encrypted emails appear slight, the borough is rebuilding its system and is still hopeful that other data can be retrieved from shared drives.

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