Hackers access images of children in Vtech attack

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Hackers access images of children in Vtech attackHong Kong toy company Vtech has fallen victim to a hack attack which allowed the perpetrators to obtain images of customers’ children and also family addresses. Vtech have confirmed that as many as five million customers have been affected.

Many Vtech products have cameras allowing the potential access to pictures of children, and the hackers have also claimed that they were able to gather chat data but this is yet to be confirmed. What has been revealed is an audio recording of a conversation ostensibly between a parent and a child, but Vtech has not confirmed its authenticity.

The attack is currently being investigated by the authorities in two US states. Although the company has issued a statement saying that no financial or personal data has been taken, security experts have criticised it for lack of basic security practices including encryption and advised that further attacks on their products and services are quite possible.

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