Hackers capitalising on future launch of Facebook’s “dislike” button

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Hackers capitalising on future launch of Facebook's "dislike" buttonFollowing the recent announcement by social media giant Facebook that it is planning on offering a “dislike” button, hackers and internet fraudsters have been quick to jump on the bandwagon. Facebook has not yet made this setting live, but cyber criminals are hard at work and already offering malware-laced versions and links to unsuspecting social media users who want to get ahead of the pack.

One popular offering asks users to click on a link which takes them through to a malicious site. The idea is that one individual can spread the link amongst their Facebook friends and the hackers can then harvest personal information via the use of online surveys, with data being used at a later date. Or, alternatively, the link will install malware onto the user’s computer.

Industry advice is to wait until Facebook actually announce the launch of the new feature and only access the setting when in your own account and when prompted by Facebook.

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