Hackers penetrated Alaska’s election website

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US flag & AlaskaIt now appears that, along with Illinois and Arizona, the state of Alaska was also a victim of hackers during the 2016 presidential election. While the hacktivists succeeded in accessing Alaska’s main election website and claimed to have penetrated its online tabulation ballot, they failed to tamper with any content. Alaska denies that any damage was done – a claim reinforced by the fact that it doesn’t use an online tabulation ballot.

The intruders, believed to be Black Hat political hackers-for-hire CyberZeist, broke in by using a glitch in the website‘s scripting language – a fix for the vulnerability had been previously issued, but not applied.

Fortunately, the state’s multi-layer security system prevented any interference with the web content. Furthermore, Alaska’s vote-counting system is independent and kept separate from the internet – so this incursion has failed in its attempt to boost CyberZeist’s stock as a hacker.

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