Hacking toys is child’s play

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Hacking toys is child’s playOnce upon a time the only way a child could be hacked was during a football kick-about, but now it seems that even toys are at risk from cyber interference – and it’s all the fault of the famous IoT (and the infamous lack of regulations for it). Internet connected children’s games and playthings are proving only too easy to hijack – for the purpose of hidden marketing, predatory stalking or abusive language. For instance, a Bluetooth-enabled talking doll called My Friend Cayla has been known to spout both advertising endorsements and swear words. Personally, we think that’s more terrifying for its poltergeist parallels than for the subversiveness of it…

Consumer protection organisations in the US and EU claim that insecure networked toys are violating children’s basic consumer rights, security and privacy, and are urging regulators to take action.

Read more at http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/12/08/connected_toys_fail_miserably_at_privacy/