Has the EU just turned into the Cookie Monster?

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Has the EU just turned into the Cookie Monster?Hands up who likes pop-ups appearing on their screen when browsing the internet? Anyone? Well with the new EU cookie directive implemented on the 25th of May this year, this could be something we will all have to put up with.

So just what are cookies? They are much more than a tasty snack to eat between meals; in the virtual world they are very small pieces of software which are loaded onto a user’s computer (usually without that user’s knowledge) when visiting a website. This piece of software remembers various things about that user, such as log in details and other preferences, thus speeding up the process the next time that user logs onto the website.

It might seem simply helpful, but cookies also store information about people for targeted online marketing based on a user’s browsing history, often without that user’s knowledge. And this is what the EU has trouble with. That’s why they’ve recently brought in a directive which will require websites to get expressed consent for the collection of this information, not just assuming consent unless users state otherwise. Which means… drum roll please… the possibility of pop-up windows for existing users.

The EU’s good intentions for consumers might turn sour. It just depends on how the directive plays out and how creative websites will get whilst still remaining compliant. In the meantime, learn more about the directive and what it means for websites moving forward by going to full article on the CFC website.